Copy of Dinosaur Sock Recreated with More Brown and Yellow Spikes (002)

Copy of Dinosaur Sock Recreated with More Brown and Yellow Spikes (002)

YIKES! Your socks have brown and yelow dinosaur spikes! These colorful socks may help getting kids dressed in the morning a fun adventure.

Brown, yellow and cream color circlular patterned sock pair with brown and yellow felt spikes. Order (002)

Kids loves to make their own clothing choices especially when the choices are on their level like making believe they have dinosaur legs as they wear these re-created socks. They must run  away from the "errupting volcano." 

Socks make a great party favor for a dinosaur theme. You don't have to tell the kids that sock are practical and contian no sugar.


  1. Adult size manufactured polyester stockings cropped * contains some latex.
  2. Felt triangles hand cut; machine sewn into back seam.
  3. Thread
  4. *Cut  off toes from adult size make samller size for children. Tips of sock toes are machine stitched. The left over toe pieces have been made into matching claw wrist bands for more dinosaur digging dramatic play.   FREE wrist bands with this order.Wrist bands may not be available with all styles.
  5. 20 minutes to make socks. Additional time for wrist bands.


More styles of dinosaur socks available. Feel free to aks questions or make color requests early.

Guarenteed satisfaction.For any problems or concerns contact owner of Heart Felt Play Store immediately.

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For inspiration with dinosaur finger plays check outpost :Felt Dinosaurs are Alive and Well on Heart Felt Play Store.





Note: Similar animal socks will be sold POS, point of sale on August 13 and 14, 2016 at local event in Colorado Springs, Colorado:Springs Spree as well as online via No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play Store. Order yours early.

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