COZY CHEMO CAPS for Children

COZY CHEMO CAPS for Children

Fun printed fleece CHEMO CAPs are soft and cozy for head warmth.

  1. Only 2 available  polka dot on fleece print Cozy Chemo Cap. SIZE: Medium/ Small Child.       ( Fits an average 5 year old head.)
  2. Only 4 available in Pastel Fairy print fleece Cozy Chemo Caps (One has a polka dot top. The other 3 have fairies on top.   (Randomly selected by shipper.) Size fits small child around age 2 to 3 with average size head.
  3. Only 1 EXTRA SMALL CHILD Cats on GREEN printed fleece Cozy Chemo Cap
  4. Only 4 EXTRA SMALL CHILD Fleece Cheetah Cozy Chemo Caps availbable, at this time.
    • Double thickness.
    • Hand crafted/ sewing machine stitched from fleece and sewing thread.
    • Wear the way you like. 
    • Each cap sold seperately at $4.59 each.

  • See nutty unveiling video for a few more styles with adult head size comparison.

Feel free to PM No Non-cents Nanna on Facebook with your questions.

Please, do wash in washing machine prior to wearing Cozy Chemo Caps.

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    $ 4.59