Critter Caps Set with Zebra Strips

Critter Caps Set with Zebra Strips

Zebra striped head band set are just right for a jungle theme kids' party. 

So sorry to tell you the socks are sold out at this time. Ears are still available : set price reduced for ears only

Also a great addition to a pre-K dramatic play set. (Older kids love them , too.

Materials: zebra head band

  • manufactured imported plastic head band
  • Hand cut felt ears then machine sewn
  • Zebra flocked print felt with white felt
  • thread
  • hot glue
  • wipe clean with damp clothe



    Note: The plastic head band can break if stepped on or over bent. The ears can be salvaged by pulling off hot glue. Re-glue to another head band. For advice feel free to contact owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne.

    Availability of these stripped socks is limited. Zebra ears will be sold separately. The No Non-cents Nanna suggests purchasing any single items with plastic head band with other items for padding to avoid higher shipping costs. Fell free to ask owner, Malika Bourne,

    Regular price $ 7.00 Sale price $ 2.95