Farm Animal Reusable Sticker Scene

Farm Animal Reusable Sticker Scene

 62 piece farm theme set of stickers and barnyard scene encourages kids to become familiar with animalsin a barnyard scene.

Children  pretend to be working on a farm. with 60 assorted farm theme stickers can be stuck and re-stuck on 11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches paper farm scene. There are more than enough farm characters to keep the farm scene very active.

Each 62 piece set is sold seperately. Purchase one per child or per group along with other stickers scenes. Organize scenes by slipping the scene and stickers into a plastic sleeves in a 3 ring binder.

As an example of child's play:The play farmer may pull bales of hay out fo the barn to horses. Then,the cat jump on to the hay and scares the chickens. Or maybe the cow will bump into the scare crow when the tractor flies in the air.... and the whole scene changes again. 

Early childhood benefits:


  • dramatic play
  • math/ counting/ sorting/ collecting
  • science
  • small motor/ manipulative
  • magination fun
  • vocalize animal sounds


For Farm theme ( dinosaur or tea party parents may consider one scene per child so each guet may take one home. Another option woud be to have play sations that include one or more scenes; vinyl farm animals; cardboard red barn favor boxes; pick your own fruit; make buttter.. See No Non-cents Nanna's blog for more Farm theme ideas. 

Note from No Non-cents Nanna:

At my home/ workshop we store our paper scenes with stickers in a plastic sleeve that fits into a 3 ring binder. Since 5 year old grand child reaps  the benifits of being a Heart Felt Product Tester,we have to keep play things organized.


I  personally do get every Heart Felt Play store product tested by at least one child prior to publsihing. Every time I hand craft or purchase wholesale any product, I must get the stamp of approval from the *5 year old or I go to plan B with that product.

When the 10 year old in not in school, she also gets to express her  opinion for her elementary peer group.

I often take photos of my *business partner scrutinizing products in her child like way. ( I am constantly amazed at the imagination of children.)  As the child and I have side by side fun, I can observe amny things such as safety; durability vs cost and practicality for that age group; child apeal.

Now you know.

Satisfaction guarenteed.

Manufactured in China for OTC

$ 1.27