Magic Maid Mermaid Tail Apron

Magic Maid Mermaid Tail Apron

Little girls have had dreams of their own mermaid tails since the Little Mermaid book and movies  2 decades ago...

Rather than children using a pillow case for a mermaid tail then tripping on their face, No Non-cents Nanna came up with a safer costume, an apron, to fantasize bartering a beautiful voice for feet.  In the child's mind they just want the pretty tail.

  • No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store apron version is made from a fish tail shape piece of felt. (Small 20 inch to large 36" or larger by special request.)

  • Over laid on the felt color of choice is machine sewn a see-through glittering material tt makesour  little mermaids eye glitter. ( *The exact top layer is subject to availability making each mermaid tail unique from the others.)

  • The fins will vary from one another with a shear coordinating color.*

  • The apron ties in back with a fun waist ribbon.

  • Also availabe in lime green; pink; white; yellow; not yet pictured.

  • I suggest wearing over a bathing suit, a tank top, or trying a scarf  for the bra top.

  • The Magic Maid Garland is sold seperately at this time.

 Note from No Non-cents Nanna: 

When we grown-up  watch the dream gleam in their eyes we may just get inspired to play along in this dress games with the young ones.  

Should you choose a mermaid tail too long,simply roll the wait over to shorten it. Or exchange it with no hassel.

The pink model for the Magic Mermaid Tail is the origonal Sophi-Do-It-Doll created for my youngest grandchild or my silent business partner. Coming soon.

Now, it is your turn to voice your opinion:
  • What would make this "collection complete" for your girl or boy mermaid?
  • Submit you dream idea to my No Non-cents Nanna Facebook page.
  • If I love your idea, I will PM you a discount code.

    *The basic products in No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store are hand made economically keeping in mind how children play. No Non-cents Nanna purchases bolts of felt when available at consistent prices. However, the fantasy glittering fabric can be quite pricey for dramatic play /dress up clothes to have grape juice spilled on or ripped.  No Non-cents Nanna's 5 year old grand daughter enjoys searching the remenant bin from bridal materail to find the most child appealing colors with the most sparkle for a fraction of the price to share the  huge savings to pass on to you.
    $ 7.99