Mermaid Tail Apron in Sparkling Pink Sequins

Mermaid Tail Apron in Sparkling Pink Sequins

What would a walking, jumping,dancing around little girls give to have a shiny scale mermaid tale?

This beautiful pink sequins mermaid tail apron with pink tulle mermaid fin pephlum and fake dimaond waist band seems to have all the bells and whistles and girl would hope for.

 Imaginative children might wrap their legs with a roll of sequins and adhevsive tape to pretend to have for mermaid tails only to learn they will be tripping on their faces.  No Non-cents Nanna came up with the mermaid apron which is  a much safer dramatic play costume.

This apron, is not meant for real swimming.  However a child's will enjoy the pretty tail as they pretend to barter their voice for feet.


No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store apron backing  is made from a  20 to 21 inches inch wide fish tail shape piece of light pink backing for a soft feel.  Length is aproximately 17 inches long. This version is extra wide at the hips to allow more to wrap around with a smaller tail for easier jumping around ( no diving) or dancing  as children tend to do.

  • Over laid on the felt is sparkling pink sequin fabric. ( May be itchey without the backing.)

  • The backing  is hand sewn  to the glittering material. No Non-cents Nanna found this material impossible to machine sew without the thread betting cut by the sequins every few inches. Hand sewing the whole apron was a 4 hour task. Fabric like this will not be repeated even the look is so pretty. Cost of labor has been drastically slashed to keep this item as affordable as possible.

  • Pink tulle pephlum fins at waist.
  • The apron attaches in back with a hand sewn satin waist ribbon and Velcro

  • The waist is embellished with fake dimaond and gold band to cover hand stitching; stunning! It is not possible to cover all hand stitching, tho' will still delight any little girl who loves sparkles and pink. Note price is reduced for difficulties in constrution causing slight imperfections.
  • One size "fits all" children apoximately ages 3+ to 9.
  •  Suggestion: wear over a bathing suit, a tank top, or trying a scarf  for the bra top. top is not included.

  • Do not wear near open flame.

Mermaid tail aprons make a wonderful surpirse party favor for an Under the Sea Theme or Pirate and Princess parties. Mermaid dressup clothes make a perfect addition to any dramatic play corner.

Warning! Not intended for play for children under age 3.

This mermaid tail apron is NOT meant to swim in. It is strictly for pretend: caution your children that it may make them sink in water rather than float.

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