Party Favor Bag in Shape of a Carrot

Party Favor Bag in Shape of a Carrot

A paty favor bag in the shape of a carrot is quite a novelty with a good influence.

Fill the 9 1/4 " bag with nutrious goodies instead of sugar for a fun Theme Party
  • In the first image we filled the carrot bag the No Non-cents way with trail mix when "Going on a Bear Hunt."(Trail mix not included.)
  • The idea in the smaller image is that kids can give play horses or real horses carrots for a treat when learning about farm animals and Farm Theme Parties. (Horses nor carrots included.)
  • Springs time, and the Easter Holiday, of course, is the perfect time to fill a cello bag for a snack with the Easter Bunny or the rabbits in the yard. (Don't feed the cello bag, but the real carrots.
  • 14 shiny green twist ties included at no extra charge.

WARNING: Not for children under age 3. Possible suffocation hazard or choking hazard. Dispose of bag appropriately away from babies.*

*Check out No Non-cents Nanna video Choking Hazards:



$ 3.97