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Heart Felt Play Store to be OPEN Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

Heart Felt Play Store to be OPEN Black Friday/ Cyber Monday
Get your discount CODES for limited time  best deals of the year from Heart Felt Play Store

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New Pricing at Heart Felt Play Store Including Postage Fees with More Benefits

New Pricing at Heart Felt Play Store Including Postage Fees with More Benefits

Read all about Heart Felt Play Store new pricing that includes shipping fee in the prices up front..

Who doesn't want to avoid the high price of shipping on a bargain item we buy on line?

For starts, the US Post Office, FedEx and UPS don't want anyone to avoid their fess. They need to pay charge someone in order to pay their costs of doing business and their employees who, come rain or shine delivery stuff to our door steps.

So what is a small on-line store with a big heart to do and not be burried under a sea of Big Stores with FREE shipping?


As a business owner I do know my customers want a bargain and to not have to pay shipping. As an old mother and grandmother I feel really badly when I see an abandoned cart on my store with a $3 item and $4 shipping fee. OUCH! this Thrift Shop, coupon clipping queen feels the cutomers' pain.

But some one has to pay for the high cost of delivery. When the same items sold  in a brick and motar store would need to try to cover  the cost of store rent and employess so  the price tag would reflect those built in cost far more than what this on-line store with low overhead is charging.  ( I still feel the disapointment fo sticker shock of postage fees at check out..)

The big volume on-line shopping Amazon set the standard by offering Prime, which offers members FREE shipping...not really FREE because of that membership FEE is paid up front for by customers who want  that  convenience  PRIME whether they use it or not.

Other big companies offer FREE Shipping on orders over a certain amount as a great merchandizing trick to get customers to spend enough that the cost of shipping, packaging and employees to do the packing whille be absorbed in the price of the products. The shipping is built into the price and we all know it.  But we feel good when we get something FREE, don't we?I kow that I always qualify for FREE Shipping when I oreder from my wholesaler other wise I would have to do more math adding in more costs to the costs of goods to be sold.

This FREE shipping marketing strategy is a challenge to the little guys, like my Heart Felt Play Store, who put our heart and soul into customer service that people still desire.

Heart Felt Play Store did offer FREE shipping for orders over $39 all along. But it seems that the sting of the postage and handling at check out was a shock with some small orders. BTW Heart Felt Play Store loves to cater to small orders.

 I talked to moms about how my Heart Felt Play Store can stand out in a crowd of the big business when FREE shipping on every order would put me out of business in a heart beat.

The unanymous answer was to "Be Yourself. Do what you do best." So Heart Felt Play Store polcies will be done the No Non-cents way as always.

To solve the problem of sticker shock of paying the mail man at the post office the shipping fee is included up front in all prices. As of 9/28/17 4:30 pm  there are still a few dozen items not edited, by hand, yet.

If you are thinking, well that is still NOT the FREE shipping you want, you get another think coming...did you sign up for COOL BEANS lyal customer rewards, yet?

The more you spend the more COOL BEANS you get rewarded with. With the seemingly raise in prices to include what postage and handling will occur you get BEANS for that as well where you did not before the new pricing policy. ( Be warned there are rules for BEANS and they will expire. Click on the  blue BEANS icon to learn more.)

Many products are being re-group for cost effectiveness. Heart Felt Play Store customers are encouraged to speak up by using the CONTACT form so your specific wishes are met when ever possible. Example: Dinosaur masks are sold in sets of 6 but you need 7..your wish will be granted only if you ask...

 Adding on a few items in the cart won't will change the actual cost of shipping by much most n most orders with so many variables ... you don't want know. But if you do want to know a few points are explained on the ABOUT page...historically the auto calculator did not have a heart and could either over charge or under a LOT! Customers never get charged more when the auto calulator undercharges.

No Non-cents Nanna does have a big heart. When shipping fees was over the top customers were issued a refund on a reasonable portion of the fee. Heart Felt Play Store will continue to adjust overcharges for shipping. Now that is amazing heart felt service!

Would you rather pay all the actual postage and handling costs that includes mailing container, tissues paper, printed invoice, my time to package send emails, stand at the post office to mail...? Feel free to ask.

 FREE extras in select orders.


Preparing for Halloween the Simple Easy and Cheap Way

Preparing for Halloween the Simple Easy and Cheap Way

Here at Heart Felt Pay Store the old No Non-cents Nanna believes in kids dress-up  all year around just for the joy of it. Parents and teachers need not go broke offering fun opportunities to learn about animal  on the farm, in the jungle  or endangered species in the zoos.

Side view zebra visor from Heart Felt Play Store

Click HERE to watch the video showing off the zoo animal in Heart Felt Play Store back yard.

Then browse Heart Felt Play Store Collections for hats, beanies, visors, masks, hooded capes bearing the following favorite animals:aligator; elephants; giraffes; lions, monkeys; panda; tigers; zebras...

We'd love your feedback on the FUN FACTS images. Feel feel to print off and share.

Click on the FUN FACT Images featuring a number of Heart Play Store's newly added ZOO / Jungle Safari hats and visors.





Crafty Summer Time Bugs Infest Heart Felt Play Store.

Crafty Summer Time Bugs Infest Heart Felt Play Store.

What is summer time with out bugs? Now is the time to infest our kids learning experiences with buggy things.

Our ecological system needs bugs, so, lets make the most of it by studying bugs with the kids this summer, encourages No Non-cents Nanna from Heart Felt Play Store.

In No Non-cents Nanna's memory as an early childhood educator and Pediatric nurse next to dinosuars, bugs were always very popular with the kids as things to talk about or themed rewards.

 More & More BUGS of the fun kind  infest Heart Felt Play Store:

Check it out! Click links below to go BUGGY! 

DIY Bug Masks Set:


Bug Party Favor Bags:

BUG Temporary Tattoos:

Bug Stickers:

DIY Lay Bug Bracelet kits:

 Bug Eggs:

Bug Headband: there's a bug in your hair:

Cap with a bug in it:


Let's get more & more creative and crafty!

Heart Felt Play Store Shares Inspire for More & More Creativity:


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A Pink Hair Troll Lives in My Underwear Drawer

A Pink Hair Troll Lives in My Underwear Drawer

Yes, it is true. There is a pink hair troll living in my underwear drawer. His name is George.

In fact every Russ Berry Troll my children owned the in the 1980's were name George...

...and, I have no idea why.

There is a troll living in Nanna's underwear drawer. Why?
The troll's name is____ --see post

When Sophie, now in Kindergarten, was 2, 3 and 4 George creeped her out.

At that time I kept George in a big jar with a lid, in hopes of preserving the almost 30 year old troll.

This George, the Troll who lives in my underwear drawer. Why? -see post

But, no, George was too scarey for the little girl. I had no choice but to retire George to a happier place... underwear drawer. I ask, you, where else was he to live?

Sophie knew where the pink hair troll hibernated. She would ask about him everytime she came to visit as long as he stayed put!


Around Christmas time a few weeks ago, Sophie exclaimed, "I love Poppy! I'm not afraid of pink hair trolls anymore!"

"Oh?" I was confused. "Who is Poppy?"

"Don't you know know ANYTHING, Nanna?" Sophie rolled her eyes in disbelief at  my ignorance. Poppy has pink hair. She is a troll STAR in the MOVIE, Nanna!"

Perhaps kindergarten had cured the child of her fear of trolls and other things 5 year old are scared of, I thought in my head.

George the old pink hair troll sits on toilet.. EXCUSE ME! Don't look! George needs privacy, please! -see post

I was excited to sit George the troll on the back of the toilet again, just for laughs. "OK. Shall I take George out of my drawer, now?"

"NO! He can just stay in your desser for EVER!"

Sorry, George! Maybe next year.

The End

True story by Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna


PS I had intended to make one pink troll-like headband for Sophie for her dress-up box.

Since a week ago, I've made 20, 30, 40 or more tulle headbands.

Sophie's birthday gift is hidden in my underwear drawer with George. Sh-h-h-h! Don't give away the surprise.

Looking for troll inspired headbands? -see post on Heart Felt Play Store to purchase.


Troll inspired headbands with pink tulle hair. Contrasting ribbons and flowers with Heart Felt Play Store signature pink heart buttons. -see post

Great for childrens' dress-up box, don't you think?

Troll inspired headbands hand-crafted with tulle, ribbons and fleece flowers. Center of flowers are sewn the Heart Felt Play Store signature: heart shaped buttons. -see post



I decided to make a hot pink troll inspired hair for my grand daughter with hot pink tulle I had stashed. I have good news and bad news about...



Written by Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna


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