Bug Tattoos That Wash Off: Party Favor Add-on

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6 Bug tattoos

Kids will welcome this set of 6 cute Summer Time Bug Tattoos. These bug won't bite nor eat your picnic food.

Six different adorable cartoon bug designs per set are perfect for summer school class room rewards;  a summer time familiy reunion or a bug birthday theme party. Just 25 cents per tattoo sold in set of 6.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to wash off: They are temporary.
  • aproximately 1 1/2 "
  • Warning! Not for children under age 3.

Now twice as many is included in the Butterfly Life Cycle Scene plus 4 if you pick as one of the 4 add on.

Temporary Tattoos are now priced to include shipping and handling. Yes, parents may request this order be addressed to your child's name along with a personal note from No Non-cents Nanna. Do your kids want their own mail? Check out You Got Snail Mail Kids!

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