Cat Mask & Leggings Set

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Frugal cat costume mask and leggings "one-size fits all". (Age 7 to 17)

Manufactured foam cat mask paired with cotton/ spadex blend leggings that stretch in larger kids size only. ( Feel free to use Contact Form to request measurements.)

 We got a bargain on a few pairs of bigger kid size leggings. Now we are passing that saving on to you at a bargain price. This pre-Halloween set won't last long.

[Mask if sold seperately $3.00 at local POP-Up Shop. Legging were priced at  $6.98 ]

  • Good news! Postage/ handling fee is now included in the price. 

 Shipping policy: Tho' most orders arrive at our customers' doors with in 3-5 days, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in case of Murphy's Law.

Orders expected for Halloween should be placed no later than October 10 due to limited inventory.

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