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Grey Leggings

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Kids can never have enough leggings when it cold outside. Grab these black legging before the last minute RUN on black leggings to wear under Halloween costumes this years Trick or Treat or for warmth this winter. 

One size fits most kids apx ages 7 to 17 manufactured by Anne Avenue. 

95% cotton 5% Spandex. They stretch!

OR ,if you want to be saggy baggy they can look wrinkled when over stuffed with a pillow for Halloween.with the animal hooded cape costumes also at Heart Felt Play Store

Then wear these warmgrey ( black sol don another catalog page.) leggings under a sweater for fall weather or under jeans when it is freezing outside.  Now that is frugal and practical!

This is a close out. Will not be repeated once they well out. Gray legging are also coming.

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