Dress-up Three Kitten Ears on Headbands

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3 Cat Ear headbands

Kids will love to pretend to be 3 little kittens in the pre-school dress-up corner; school play costume or have a kitten birthday party with this set of 3 grey cat ears.
  • Set of 3 Headband with grey cat ears. Each one is a little different from the other ones in set.
  • You add the mittens,a bowl of milk: eye liner for whiskers for your little kittens.

 (Only want one pair of ears? $3.00 each when placed with orders of $20 or more. Start the conversation by using the contact form on any catalog page. Randomly selected. )

    Early childhood benefits:

    • dramatic play
    • science
    • small motor/ manipulative
    • imagination fun
    • organization

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