Farm Animal Pig Snout Bandana

Farm Animal Pig Snout Bandana

Kids  love to squeal "Oink Oink" behind this cute pink pig* snout bandana: one of 3 Farm Animal Bandanas for sale on Heart Play Store.

Wear his 20" square  pig face bandana  at the next Farm Theme play date.

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 Available to purchase are 2 more cartoon faces farm animal polyester bandanas. these are sold individually on Heart Felt Play Store's Farm Animal; Caps, Hats and Masks, Dress up Collections.

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  1. Black and white cow with pink muzzle.
  2. Brown horse face.
  3. Hand washable.
  • To wear, simply fold the bandana in a triangle then tie behind the child's head and you have a pretend pig ready to play on the farm.*
  • Bandanas are easy to lift up to munch on carrot or apple pig treats passed aroung in carrots shape cello favor bags. ( Also sold on Heat Felt Play Store.)
  • Lift the bandana to drink from a mini galvanized bucket also sold individually on Heart Felt Play Store.

 Note from the No Non-cents Nanna:

* Folks, be sure to always set safety limits with the kids. Dramatically plaing a pig does not mean the kids get to roll in the mud.

Pigs are actually prefer to be clean. Pigs can not swaet like people and other animals- so they roll in mud only to cool off. As a parent you will want to share this inofrmation then state clear boundaries. See post- Do Chickens Have Lips? and Other Silly Things About Farm Animals on No Non-cents Nanna blog.

  • It is so nice when children share. However, I advise that children not share their bandanas after they have had them next to their mouths and noses. Be sure to write each student's / guest's name on their farm animal bandana.
  • After hand washing, then kids may trade bandanas.

 Manufactured in China.

Guarenteed satisfaction for these manufactured items.   Notify  Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna's CEO of Heart Felt Play Store of any issues.

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