Gag Cap for Base Ball Fans or Wives of Fans

Gag Cap for Base Ball Fans or Wives of Fans

We all know guys who won't take off their base balls cap even in the most awkward situations.

Well, now it is pay back time, gals, to wear you very own REAL Base Ball Cap!

Or, perhaps, the base ball fanatics may actually enjoy wearing a squishy base ball glued to the top of his head.

Great gag gift for lots of laughs and odd looks from bystanders. (Take pictures or vidoes as the fun will last longer and maybe go viral.)


  1. Baseball cap one size fits most big boy heads. I mean MEN's heads.
  2. Squishy rubber base ball manufactured in China
  3. Hot Glue
  4. Wicked imagination

Order Color(s) of cap(s) below:

  • White
  • Navy Blue
  • Black

Waning! Not intended for children under age 3. The dog may try to play fetch with this ball-in that case don't wear o head during fetch with dog.

Heart Felt Play Store also sell small buckets for the water boys.

PM us for special team color combination or trims. We will see what we can do. There may be an extra charge.

Shipping fees will be added at check out. Any applicable taxes will be added at check out.

$ 9.00