Gag Cap For Ladies Optional

Gag Cap For Ladies Optional

This base ball cap looks so lady-like and girly doesn't it? Well looks can be decieving.

This warm red base ball style cap has been hand decorated with a large bloom and plastic gem butterfly. We ladies can accesories our designer jeans with style.

Sh-h-h! Here's the gag. Turn your back and walk away. How many people will say something to your face like, " My dear, there is a bug on your hat! I think I killed it!" after swatting your hat?

Be sure to view the 2nd image...eeeeew!


  1. Base Ball Cap
  2. Silk flower
  3. Plastic butterfly
  4. Plastic bug
  5. Hot Glue
  6. Imagination in poor taste.
  7. Adjustable women's size
  8. Each hat is uniquely created. Bugs and flowers will vary. 

Warning: not intended for children under age 3. Choking hazard.

Optional colors:

  1. red
  2. pink
  3. white
  4. no bug

Shipping is added at check out. Taxes added when applicable.

$ 9.00