Gag Head Bands: THERE'S a BUG in YOUR HAIR!

Gag Head Bands: THERE'S a BUG in YOUR HAIR!

Even frilly girls have an interest in bugs. Now lady bug parties can give frilly head bands as party favors with a bug hidden on a pretty flower.

On-line at Heart Felt Play Store THERE'S A BUG IN YOUR HAIR HEAD BANDS are sold in random sets of 3. In nature you never know what bug you will find on what flower, right?

  • View a random set of 3 head bands and 6 individually unique single head bands; but don't expect those ones! Yours will be a big surprise! Might be a lizard, a toad or bird building a nest in your hair.
  • PM No Non-cents Nanna on Facebook for quickest reply for special requests Supply of plastic bugs or creepy crawlers and colors are NOT guarenteed. May have an extra charge and take up to 3 weeks to complete special order. 

Warning! Not intended for children under age 3. Choking hazard.


  1. head band
  2. silk flower
  3. plastic bug
  4. hot glue
  5. silly imagination

Check out article on No Non-cents Nanna's blog on How to Laugh about Bugs in Your Hair

Be sure to scroll through No Non-cents Nanna Heart Felt Play Store catalog for more bug theme items.

Set of 3 random critter/ bug head bands is a money saving value at $9 per set. 

Heart Felt Play Store sells these gag head bands only individually in Colorado Springs exclusivley at Creative Expressions and select local events for $4 each.

Shipping fee is charged at check out. Applicable taxes may also be added.


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