Half Dozen Dinosaur Eggs to Hatch

Half Dozen Dinosaur Eggs to Hatch

Hatch your very own (plastic) dinosaurs. This set includes 6 sealed (plastic)  eggs packaged individually with header.

  • Simple instructions for your children are to keep the eggs warm until ready to hatch. One plastic dinosaur toy in each of the 6 eggs. 
  • Parents make up their own learning experience lessons as desired.
  • Perfect party favors for a party of 6 or an Egg Hunt.
  • Each egg comes with un-believable header label from Heart Felt Play Store.
  • Small motor play; imagination; dramatic play; counting; sorting

Warning! Not for children under age 3 or the family dog.

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Manufactured in China. Re packaged with silly label by the No Non-cents Nanna

For tons more dinosaur play see No Non-cents Nanna's Dinosaur Dig board in Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/nononcentsnanna/dinosaur-dig/?etslf=8916&eq=dinos

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