Mermaid Tail Apron in Sparkling Sea Green

Mermaid Tail Apron in Sparkling Sea Green

Little girls have had dreams of their own mermaid tails since the Little Mermaid book and movies  2 decades ago...flipping fins seems so romantic doesn't it?

Rather than children wrapping scraves tightly around their legs for mermaid tails then tripping on their faces No Non-cents Nanna came up with a safer dramatic play costume. An apron, to fantasize bartering a beautiful voice for feet is not meant for real swimming, but,  In the child's mind they just want the pretty tail.

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  • No Non-cents Nanna's Heart Felt Play Store apron backing  is made from a  20 to 21 inches inch wide fish tail shape piece of lime green felt.  Length is aproximately 17 inches long. This version is extra wide at the hips to allow more to wrap around with a smaller tail for easier jumping or dancing around as children tend to do.

  • Over laid on the felt is sparkling green fabric The backing  is machine sewn  to the glittering material ( *This green top layer is subject to availability making each mermaid tail unique from the others. Similar fabric will replace this exact fabric once these 4 are sold out.

  • Green tulle pephlum fins at waist.
  • The apron ties in back with a green satin waist ribbon.

  • One size "fits all" children apoximately ages 3+ to 9.
  •  Suggestion: wear over a bathing suit, a tank top, or trying a scarf  for the bra top. top is not included.

  • Do not wear near open flame.

Warning! Not intended for play for children under age 3. This mermaid tail apron is NOT meant to swim in. It is strictly for pretend: caution your children that it may make them sink in water rather than float.

Green mermaid doll model is not included.

Satisfaction guarenteed.

Mermaid tails simiar to these will be for sale at local Colorado Springs events at Heart Felt Play Store. Point of Sale will deduct from online eventory. No shipping charged at point of sale. Taxes are included in price at events.

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 Note from No Non-cents Nanna: 

When we grown-up  watch the dream gleam in their eyes we may just get inspired to play along in this dress games with the young ones.  

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