Party Favor Puppy Dog Collar Bracelet Set of 4

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Puppy Dog Collars are fun to wear and share with your best friends at a puppy dog theme birthday party.

Perfect for a party favor add-on with a puppy theme or a kitten/ cat theme, too.

  • Set of 4 colorful bracelets for puppy dog lovers or 4 puppy party guests. 
  • Plastic clasp on each pet-friendly accessory. Red, blue, yellow or green  nylon with paw print design.

 Wear one; wear them all or share with friends at your birthday party..

Each manufactured 7 inch nylon bracelets looks like  puppy dog collar. Kids can pretend to wear paw print charm dog tag on their play wrist collar.

Do not wear on neck. Warning! Not for children under age 3

  • These little give-aways will make a great addition to Dress-up Dog Ears sets.

Early childhood benefits

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