Pool Noodle Pretending to be Light Sword

Pool Noodle Pretending to be Light Sword

Lime green  a pool noodle dramatically changes into a light saber with fake jeweled handle.

It is amazing what a little imagination; duct tape; 1/2 styrofoam pool noodle and 2 stick on jewels can do for a play star warrior's ego.


  1.  1/2 manufactured Styrofoam lime green pool noodle
  2. Black duct tape
  3. Silver duct tape
  4. Clear cellophane packing tape.
  5. 2 stick-on gems

Warning! Not intended for children under age 3. Do NOT attempt to use as a flotation device.

Each light sword is hand crafted making each star warriors saber somewhat unique from their fellow star troopers' light weight blunt dramatic play weapon.

Light swords are available upon request in different colors, while supplies last. These sabers will also be sold at local Colorado Springs, Colorado retail craft-makers gallery: Creative Expressions OCC, 2501 west Colorado ave, Colorado Springs, CO. 

More colors availbable upon request.

Simply and easily constructed:

For years we have made light weight blunt saber weapons from paper towel tubes, aluminum foil and sequins. Whose ideas what? I have no clue what mommy threw together the fake space war spears inspired after  the Star Wars movies. No copy right infringement intended as these are certainly very different and much cheaper thatn official toys.

As far as I know I have not copied anyone elses' exact take off design from a popular movie series with the word Star in it. Any one can easily make a similar item for a child' s birthday party. IF... parents had the time to drive all over town to gather materials.

If I inspire you to make your own that is so cool.I would love to read your story.  No Non-cents Nanna would love it should you choice to purchase from Heart Felt Play Store for convenience. The Styrofoam is light weight . However the length when shipped all alone will affect the shipping rate.*

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Star Warrior Tunics?

Yes, Heart Felt Play Store has those brown earthy tunics they wear in those far far away galaxy war movies on the finishing table for small and larger children. The patterns are my own with 2 weights of fabric and several shades of brown. Images to be posted by May 10, 2016.

Feel free to contact Malika Bourne to get your orders reserved early. Inventory supplies of pool noodles are seasonal items


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