There's a Bug in Your Hair Headband

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Dare to be different...Enjoy having bugs in your hair.

Heart Felt There's a Bug in Your Hair Headbands are perfect for gag gifts, Bug Birthday Party Favors and April Fools Day.

Or Dare to wear a buggy headband every day to school to see if the teacher sends you to the school nurse. Not to worry. the bugs are only plastic!

Most of us  parents and camp nurses, like me, who have nit picked heads of hair will tell you bugs in the hair is no laughing matter.

But there are times when we need put away our fine tooth combs a for a good laugh when we exclaim, “You have bugs in your hair!”

There is no choice when it comes to getting a bug in your hair. You get what you get: randomly selected by Heart Felt Play Store.

I’m a Shopify merchant with Buyable Pins and I want a conversion tag. I’m not an advertiser. 

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